1 The ABC of Data Center Design – Building In-House Data Center
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The ABC of Data Center Design – Building In-House Data Center

12April 2016


The ABC of Data Center Design – Building In-House Data Center

In the current adverse economic conditions in Russia, the pattern of demand for data center services has changed. There is an opinion that it is a lot more profitable to outsource data center operations to service providers rather than to build an in-house solution. However, ICL—KMECS experts argue that not all domestic companies (in particular, large manufacturing enterprises) are ready to abandon their IT infrastructure. Experts from ICL—KMECS and APC by Schneider Electric offered their advice on how to best manage an in-house data center environment at a workshop in Kazan.

ICL—KMECS together with APC by Schneider Electric held a joint workshop devoted to the issues of state-of-the-art data center operations and maintenance. The workshop was attended by the representatives of financial, fuel and energy sector as well as by large regional retailers. The attendees included both the companies that already have an in-house data center but would like to optimize its operations and the organizations that are only thinking about building one.

Another important aspect that influences data center operations is hardware maintenance. In his speech Oleg Sorokin, Data Center expert from ICL—KMECS, pointed out 13 key issues that, if ignored, are likely to lead to data center downtime.

System integrator ICL—KMECS and APC by Schneider Electric have extensive experience of implementing joint projects on building and upgrading utility infrastructure of data centers. The list of their customers includes OJSC Gazprombank, PJSC Tatfondbank, OOO Bank Avers, Moscow Mortgage Agency Commercial Bank OJSC.

Anton Zhukov, expert from APC by Schneider Electric, outlined the main principles of scaling up energy efficiency across the data center industry:

“There is a tendency to scale data center power for expansion or incremental growth therefore an average data center uses no more than 80% of its available power. When a reasonable approach is applied alongside with high-efficiency equipment, energy efficiency of a data center can be boosted up to 20%”.

“Customers quite often mistake standard warranty for a manufacturer’s promise to solve all problems that might arise in connection with the purchased equipment,” he said. “However, on no account does the warranty eliminate the need to perform routine maintenance. Otherwise the equipment simply wears out much faster and, as a result, breaks down when out of warranty. Sometimes such a breakdown is attributed to ‘manufacturer conspiracy’ and ‘plotted’ system deterioration. In fact, everything is quite simple – any equipment, even the cutting-edge solutions, needs maintenance. Cost savings must be reasonable”.

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