The Information Systems Academy Gives the First Master Class in ICS Information Security Competence Center of ICL ST

14July 2016


The Information Systems Academy Gives the First Master Class in ICS Information Security Competence Center of ICL ST

The first master class organized by the Information Systems Academy (ISA) took place in the ICS Information Security Competence Center, recently opened by ICL ST in Innopolis.

The master class was held by Mikhail Zyuzin, a trainer from ISA, and was dedicated to the issues of ICS protection. More than 50 participants representing enterprises of oil and gas, power and manufacturing industries, both top managers concerned with this problem and experts in information security, gathered at the Event.

According to ICL ST, the opening of the ICS Information Security Competence Center was timed to coincide with the jubilee Conference of IT & Security Forum annually held by ICL in Kazan. The Center will have the following key functions: approbation and testing of purpose-built solutions for ICS, raising engineers’ competence level in the field of design, implementation and use of information security tools for ICS, analysis of security threats and finding ways to neutralize them.

In the words of Aidar Guzairov, General Director of ICL ST, industrial cybersecurity is a new rapidly developing area in security business and these solutions will be demanded more and more in the course of time.

“However, many enterprises, being already aware of the importance of creating an information security system for ICS objects, are facing lack of practical knowledge in this field,” he continued. “We joined efforts with ISA, one of the key education partners of the Center, and held a special master class together. It was really a success! The Event was popular among the participants of the jubilee ITSF. It points to the fact that practical knowledge is really demanded. In the future, we plan to organize more joint events with ISA in this area.”

“As long as industrial automation technologies develop and, at the same time, new threats appear, experts working in the real sector of economy have to gain new knowledge and competencies at the confluence of IT, Information Security and ICS,” said Yuri Malinin, Rector of ISA. “We are very grateful to ICL for having chosen the Academy as an education partner of the recently opened ICS Information Security Competence Center, and we are happy to contribute our experience in professional training to the Republic of Tatarstan, known as one of the largest industrial regions in Russia.” 

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