1 United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC Chooses 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2
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United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC Chooses 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2

30May 2017


United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC Chooses 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2

United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC starts operating the system in terms of real time accounting based on 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2 solution and extends its work in the automation of regulatory accounting processes.

ICL Group won the bid for simulation of regulatory and tax accounting processes in 1С:ERP for United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC. This is already the third project being implemented by Finance Systems, ICL Group, for the Branch of URALCHEM. The first projects consisted in preparation for implementation of 1C:ERP, namely in a training course «Regulatory accounting based on 1C:ERP». Two groups were trained, and ICL received a positive response. Now the work related to design and simulation of regulatory accounting processes is being carried out, which is a preliminary stage for the subsequent commissioning. All that helps build an integrated enterprise management system.

ICL is a partner of 1C Company and has the following statuses: 1C:Franchising, Candidate for the ERP-solutions Competence Center of the company «1C», Candidate for the 1C:CORP Competence Center, Candidate for 1C:Consulting partner, and a 1C:ERP certificate of 1C:Certified Training Center.

"Dear Victor Vassilievich,

Thank you for your help in implementation of regulatory accounting based on 1C:ERP in our organization.

In October 21-31, 2016, experts from ICL — KME CS provided training for employees of United Service Center Branch of URALCHEM JSC in regulatory accounting of treasury using 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2 software solution. The course program was developed by the Contractor individually taking into account the specifics of our enterprise, and the experts also gave additional advice concerning methodological surveys.

In the course of training, the experts from ICL — KME CS demonstrated deep knowledge of laws, the subject domain, methodology and capabilities of the software solution. The approach applied by the experts helps users work efficiently thanks to consulting in using the system.

We are fully satisfied with the quality of the training held, and in the nearest future will order one more training course on that subject to be held by experts from ICL — KME CS."

N. G. Nikitina, Head of Financial Service

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