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Finance and Insurance

Data Center Upgrade

The need to reorganize the Data Center has arisen because of the business growth — the
computing landscape is constantly changing, so the engineering infrastructure needs upgrade to
meet the objectives posed by the Bank. Although the existing cooling system cope with the
current energy density, the possibilities of its scaling are almost exhausted.


  1. Provide the continuity of business processes, maximize the availability of banking services, and improve the quality of customer service


The ICL — KME CS experts completed a package of work that included design, installation and
commissioning of engineering infrastructure of the upgraded Data Center based on APC
InfraStruxure modular configuration.

 The engineering infrastructure of Novikombank used APC EcoAisle, an intelligent air
containment solution. Consisting of 12 NetShelter SX rack enclosures and 3 InRow RD air
conditioners, the system enables to achieve stable functions of switch hardware and IT
equipment with a power density of 8 kVA per rack. All network interface cards are connected to
a dedicated local area network on APC by Schneider Electric switches, and StructureWare
Central server with Data Center Expert software installed provides monitoring.


The infrastructure of the Data Center created as the result of the project fully meets the specified
requirements and enables to expand the Data Center capabilities cost effectively at each stage of


The Bank keeps pace with the times increasing the number of automated services. The goal of
the project is to provide the continuity of business processes, maximize the availability of
banking services, and improve the quality of customer service. Data Center is absolutely the key
asset of Novikombank. It encompasses main data assets including purely inside intelligence. The
objectives of the Data Center is to provide reliable data storage and data transfer as well as to
ensure continuous operation of banking services. Therefore, the choice was made in favour of the
system that enables the Bank to avoid maximum downtime.

Konstantin Komissarov
Director of IT department, Novikombank

Provided services

  • Design and Implementation of the Company’s IT Infrastructure.

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