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Defence Industry

Developing the Integration Platform

The Russian Federal Nuclear Center — All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental
Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) initiated the strategy aimed to create the typical information system
(TIS), which is a complex of special-purpose information systems solving different problems in
managing the Organization. In order to integrate all these systems, the TIS strategy envisaged the
development of the integration platform for the system, which is the goal of this project.

 As part of the TIS (including in the course of its upgrade and further development), the
Organization uses, deploys and plans to deploy a number of function-oriented applications of ISs
solving problems of management of separate activity types of its divisions and Organization as a
whole. All these systems have been earlier created to solve specific application tasks
implemented and none of them is able to solve all the tasks of managing any part of the
Organization or the Organization as a whole. At the same time, all ISs commissioned should
work in concert and in interaction provide the most complete solution of the management tasks
of the Enterprise as a whole at each stage of automation.

 Bringing together (integration) of multiple applications used as Information Systems within the
TIS cannot be provided only by the features of these systems without any change, which is
always undesirable and not always possible. It is necessary to create a separate specialized
information system (IS), i.e. an Integration Platform (IP), to ensure the integration of multiple
applications within the TIS without the need to modify any of them.

 RFNC-VNIIEF formulated the following objectives to create the Integration Platform:
  • Eliminating restrictions for solving complex problems of management processes automation at the Organization, which are related to either incompatibility or incomplete compatibility of the function-oriented ICs included into the TIS and which, individually, provide only a partial solution of common tasks;
  • Using IP features implementing data integration technologies, create the Single Information Space providing timeliness and completeness of data exchange between integrated IS in real time mode, absence of information gaps in data exchange processes, and elimination of source data redundancy when entering the data into the Single Information Space, if such entry is admissible by more than one IS being integrated; 
  • Using IP features implementing application integration technologies, create the Single Functionality Space providing access to functions implemented by application software of separate IS being integrated, not only to the users of these systems but also to other IS being integrated and to the users of other IS.


  1. Develop the integration platform designed to create an ICT infrastructure within the pilot zone of RFNC-VNIIEF, which can provide the integration of multiple function-oriented Information Systems included into typical IS (TIS) when solving complex problems in management process automation for Organization


  • Pre-project work including development of project charter, communications plan, project initiation documentation;
  • Inspection, identification of integration scenarios and interacting systems pairs;
  • Business design of integration scenarios, development of a template of the TDA for implementation of integration scenarios;
  • Training of the common project team for completing the TDA template for each integration scenario;
  • Preliminary system design;
  • Information security concept development.

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