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Defence Ministry of Russia


Equipping Military Bases with Telemedical Hardware and Software Appliances


  1. Automate operations of the medical staff that include performing medical tests and examinations, taking vital signs, medical data input, storage and processing of results;
  2. Integrate the appliance enabling reception of medical data with a central data processing system (DC) at Kirov Military Medical Academy;
  3. Set up video conferencing equipment to hold telemedicine consultations and personnel training;
  4. Ensure data link encryption with the help of cryptographic tools to enable secure transmission of personnel’s health status data;
  5. Detect hacking of data links and protect them.


In November 2016, telemedical hardware and software appliances were put into operation in St. Petersburg, Podolsk, Rostov-on-Don, Alakurtti settlement in the Murmansk region, on Kotelny and Wrangel Islands, Cape Schmidt and Alexandra Land (Franz Joseph Land). Deployment of telemedical appliance made it possible to diagnose and, if needed, refer patients to Kirov Military Medical Academy for remote consultations with medical specialists. Thus, military doctors were offered an opportunity to timely deliver sound medical care to personnel considerably reducing duration of treatment and making it possible to save budget funds.

The core component of the H&S appliance is a secure workspace run by Centralized Monitoring and Management Software developed by ICL experts.

The other components include digital radiograph, ultrasound equipment, ECG recorder, clinical chemistry and hematology analyzers and video conferencing system.

In addition, ICL experts also successfully completed the following tasks:

  • Deployed all medical devices;
  • Performed functional tests and adjusted settings of medical devices;
  • Configured software to enable operability of medical devices;
  • Configured data link encryption tools;
  • Set up telecommunication equipment;
  • Set up remote connection to the DC.


The delivery of the H&S Appliance is only the first stage of the Ministry’s initiative to equip military bases with telemedical appliances. This program is scheduled to end in 2020. ICL — KME CS JSC will take very active part in its implementation.


Implementation of this appliance made it possible to significantly expand the range of medical examinations and tests available to personnel deployed in the Arctic region.

Colonel Alexander Gordeev
Head of Press Service of the Eastern Military District

Provided services

  • Equipping 8 military bases of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation with Telemedical Hardware and Software Appliances

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