Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia


Radius: Mobile Remote Access Subsystem

To enable online access to data stored in a centralized database for the staff of remotely
located units and response teams to support their operations, mobile remote access
subsystems were developed and implemented for law enforcement agencies.


  1. Provide secure remote access to data and reference resources for the staff of outdoor units within law enforcement agencies
  2. Create data access control systems based on mobile remote access subsystems
  3. Ensure the required security level, create a segment of an integrated security system


1. Development of Radius mobile remote access subsystem
2. Testing subsystems integrated in Radius
3. Development of Bars hardware-software appliance
4. Testing various software solutions for Bars
5. Implementation of the hardware-software appliance in the RF regions


The developed solution has been procured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the
Russian Federation.
Today, Radius is implemented in 50 RF regions. Over 4,000 units of Bars have already
been purchased and are being successfully used.

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