08 June 2016



Experts from ICL Services will deliver their report at the III International Conference on Cloud Technologies.

Cloud Services Russia 2016 is a major industry event dedicated to the development of cloud technologies in Russia. The relevance of the topic is due to the rapid growth of the market of cloud technologies and their application fields. Cloud services are the fastest growing sector of the ICT market. The global market for cloud services increased by 17% in 2015, reaching $175 billion, its estimated growth for 2016 is 16.5%. The Russian cloud computing market increased by 25% — up to 16.5 billion rubles — in 2015 and by 2018 its volume will reach 32 billion rubles, i.e. double. At the same time, corporate customers and communications provider still have many questions:
  • how to choose a cloud service to achieve maximum impact for business,
  • how to combine private and public clouds,
  • what are the guarantees of information security in cloud environments,
  • how do cloud services fit into Russian regulation documents,
  • what are examples of successful implementation of cloud technologies.

Cloud Services Russia 2016 will answer these and other important questions from market participants. In addition to speaker presentations, participants will have an opportunity to express their opinions and ask recognized experts questions during the discussion.

Topics of the discussion:
  1. Are Russian customers ready to use a global cloud?
  2. Is a global company ready to work in the national market?
  3. Transfer of IT infrastructure to the cloud. What strategy should a CIO choose?
  4. How to create an effective hybrid cloud?
  5. How to get a new feature with external clouds? As to keep or transform a command at the same time?
  6. How to make profit on a changing market? How to catch a wave? Where to begin? What possibilities already exist?


RUSLAN VAGIZOV — Head of Operations
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