01 April 2014



On April 1, 2014 the conference «IT Outsourcing: Today and Tomorrow» was held. It was organized by CNews Analitycs and CNews Conferences. On this conference experts of the Russian IT market and business representatives have tried to understand why the domestic outsourcing is so specific and how to develop uniform and consistent high service standards. Executive Director of ICL Services Ruslan Vagizov shared the experience of foreign companies and the applicability of IT outsourcing services in the Russian market.

Outsourcing services providers, software developers, IT experts represented companies in various industries and experts of the integrators companies participated in the conference.

The discussed issues during the event were the following:
  • How to evaluate the profitability of IT services migration to an external service?
  • In which sectors outsourcing is most effective?
  • What services in Russia will never be given to a third party company?
  • What you should pay special attention when discussing the SLA concept?
  • What is most significant for the Russian business when choosing a service provider?
  • Why the Russian market of outsourcing does not exhibit the highest rates of growth that have been predicted?
  • What is the degree of involvement of the customer in the outsourcing project activities?
  • What foreign experience can be considered suitable to be transferred in Russia?
  • How to find a balance between high demands to SLA from the customer, technical capabilities of the provider and the final value of the contract?
  • What are the prospects of the Russian market of IT outsourcing?
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