1 Moscow Nights – 2017
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Moscow Nights – 2017

24-26 September 2017


Moscow Nights – 2017

4CIO Top Managers Club will hold its 11th Congress «Podmoskovnye Vechera» («Moscow Nights») on September 24-26. ICL Services will be a partner of the event.
The Congress will traditionally feature a plenary session with Sergey Kiryushin entitled Digital Transformation. Apart from that, the following workshops are planned:
• Collective orders as the basis of the digital economy platform
• New methods of development
• Convergent infrastructures
• Mobile unit: IOT, 5G, MESH NETS
• A hands-on approach to the main development trends: AI, computer aided instruction
• New trends in cybersecurity

The representatives of ICL Services at the event will be Ruslan Vagizov, the Head of Operations, and Andrey Knyazev, Business Development Manager.
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