24 November 2015



On November 24 2015, ICL Services will take part in the IT outsourcing conference

The conference will cover aspects of a service approach to urgent problems of enterprises in a down economy by optimizing IT infrastructure through outsourcing and purchasing IT services. The economic situation that had formed in the country over the recent months has dramatically affected the IT budgets of most commercial companies and government institutions. They sharply reduced their capital costs at the expense of the development of infrastructure and the purchase of new hardware and software.

At the same time, enterprise heads realize that, unlike the capital costs, operating costs cannot be cut, since company’s vital information systems must continue to safely operate in a normal or even more intense mode. In addition, new challenges for business process automation arise. Maintaining company information systems, solving new business problems under the absence or sharp reduction in capital costs — these are the primary issues of concern for CIOs.

One of the effective ways to use IT that helps solve current and future IT needs of enterprises in a crisis is a service approach.

Russian Information Services Summit is intended to demonstrate:
  • how can corporate customers effectively solve the problems of functioning and developing own IT infrastructure in terms of reducing capital costs by engaging service partners that provide consulting, integration, support, maintenance, outsourcing, data center and other IT services;
  • how can corporate customers effectively use the services provided to automate various business processes and access essential business applications based on data centers (own and operated by service providers), public, private and hybrid clouds;
  • how a balanced and robust infrastructure of IT services is created, the safety (primarily of web and mobile services) is ensured and the interaction of corporate customers with consulting and outsourcing companies, service providers and developers is implemented.
The target audience: CIOs, IT department heads, managers of projects on automation and their deputies from government organizations and commercial companies.


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