ICL Group Begins Cooperating with Yandex Cloud

11August 2022


ICL Group Begins Cooperating with Yandex Cloud

ICL Group, one of the leading Russian system integrators, and Yandex Cloud, a cloud platform, pool together efforts to implement joint projects in introduction of cloud services in corporate clients’ infrastructure.

In partnership with Yandex Cloud, experts from ICL Group will provide integrated services for creation of new IT services on Yandex Cloud platform, analyze the present state of information technologies used in companies and render services in data migration from local physical servers or from other providers to Yandex Cloud services. Besides, within each new project, experts from ICL Group will provide services in technical support of new services, guaranteeing high quality and promptness and will also elaborate a scheme of their improvement and optimization based on own successful international experience.

“Yandex Cloud is the best balanced and most advanced vendor in the area of cloud services that offers a highly competitive platform on a level with the world’s leading suppliers. In ICL, we have unique expertise in creation of total solutions. That is why in our collaboration we will offer new off-the-shelf solutions based on Yandex Cloud infrastructure and platform services and will promote the successful development of the cloud market”, says Azat Fakhrutdinov, ICL Group Business Development Manager.

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