1 ICL-KME CS Showcases Its Education Solutions at Russian Education Forum
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ICL-KME CS Showcases Its Education Solutions at Russian Education Forum

06April 2012


ICL-KME CS Showcases Its Education Solutions at Russian Education Forum

Kazan—April 6, 2012—ICL-KME CS took part in the 16th Russian Education Forum, held in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow, on March 27–29 with official support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In the showcase, ICL-KME CS demonstrated mobile classrooms of three modifications—ICLab, ICLab Mini and, ICLab Case based on laptops and netbooks of in-house design and manufacture. The company also showcased an education solution developed for primary school—RAYbook Bi149 (Classmate PC) based on Intel technology and specially designed for primary students.

Netbook RAYbook Bi149 (Classmate PC) became the most popular exhibit of ICL-KME CS exposition. Netbook’s hardware components and design developed for primary students make it one of the best solutions to introduce e-learning in primary school.

School principals and teachers who use netbooks in mobile labs point out that implementation of IT technologies makes the teaching and learning process easier, faster, more interesting and varied in form. Mobile classrooms equipped with netbooks provide incomparable opportunities for collaboration and enable feedback from students.

A new version of ICLab Case based on Raybook Bi149 netbooks received great attention among Forum attendees. This interactive classroom is particularly necessary for rural and ungraded village schools. Low weight and portable design make it possible to easily move and quickly deploy mobile classroom at any school floor.

Within the framework of the exhibition, ICL-KME CS experts held meetings and negotiations with partners from different regions of Russia. The exhibition is sure to have helped establish new business contacts which will further expand the sales territory for manufactured products and developed solutions. All in all, 142 companies arranged expositions showcasing brand new technologies and latest innovations at the exhibition held within the framework of the Russian Education Forum. Over 6,000 people attended the exhibition in three days.

NB: All computer hardware manufactured by ICL-KME CS under its own brand ICL RAY is in serial production and has all required certificates.
«Wireless technology implemented in mobile classroom solutions enables quick deployment at any classroom eliminating the need to connect laptops and netbooks to LAN and power lines,» said Alexander Kalinin, Head of Education Projects, ICL-KME CS. «When mobile classrooms are applied in teaching process, a range of teaching methods and technologies can be dramatically expanded due to possibility to use multimedia capabilities offered by computers, plug in additional digital devices, run educational programs and tutorials and work in labs. I’d like to emphasize that our solutions comply with new education standards and make learning process more interesting and, what is more important, more efficient.»

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