1 ICL Services to Launch an Integrated Predictive Monitoring Service
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ICL Services to Launch an Integrated Predictive Monitoring Service

24January 2019


ICL Services to Launch an Integrated Predictive Monitoring Service

ICL Services launches a new service that makes it possible to detect all problems that may arise in DBMS, front-end, back-end and mobile applications in a timely manner. This solution is especially important for large retailers and major banks. The sooner the IT department is notified of service degradation, the higher are the chances to prevent downtime losses.

When delivering an Integrated Predictive Monitoring Service, ICL Services applies the following procedure:

  • Inventory of the current IT infrastructure and monitoring system;
  • Identifying key issues in the operation of IT services, business applications and IT infrastructure. IT and business expectations mapping.
  • Testing IT service performance and availability of separate components of customer’s IT infrastructure with the help of APM agents (Application Performance Management) over a period of 1 month.
  • Developing an action plan to boost availability of IT applications, IT services and IT infrastructure components and bring it in line with business expectations.
  • Implementing Dynatrace solution. Solution deployment in customer’s IT infrastructure. Configuration of agents required for detecting threats and any negative impact at user level 24×7×365.
  • Integrating Dynatrace solution with customer’s ITSM system and the current IT infrastructure monitoring system.

Compared to the traditional approach when disaster recovery operations are initiated after the incident has been discovered, an integrated monitoring solution raises the alarm long before the incident occurs by notifying of the potential performance degradation. As a result, IT department has extra time to tackle the problem, customer’s operating and capital costs are reduced, quality of IT service performance is improved and, finally, there is a clear and obvious return on investment in IT.

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