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17August 2017


Pass it On

Despite a complicated stage in the development of the domestic IT market that is largely due to the general tendency to cut costs that currently exists in the corporate sector, IT outsourcing keeps developing in Russia. So far, the outsourcing model can’t completely replace the support provided by in-house IT departments and eliminate the need for corporate IT resources development. However, in some cases companies more often make informed choices about outsourcing these functions to third party suppliers.

IN or OUT?
Whereas de facto IT becomes the backbone of any modern business, the maturity level of IT services and departments of Russian companies differs greatly. That’s why some companies still apply only insourcing approach to IT service delivery. However, the combination of outsourcing and insourcing produces a peculiar positive effect. Thus, IT outsourcing enables companies to gain access to various competencies and better practices. As for the insourcing, this approach makes it possible to keep a few key competencies in-house and consequently to improve service management and to implement multisourcing concept.
“I think there is a general tendency to outsource services today. In particular, the insourcing companies tend to delegate some of their tasks to outsourcers. There are a lot of capital costs associated with keeping a corporate insourcing company. More than that, such a company or a division also constantly demands that efforts should be put into development of personnel competence level. Furthermore, it is very easy to lose the required performance rate and service delivery efficiency when operating outside the competitive market,” explained Sergey Soloviev, Head of ICL Services.
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