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Prospects for Cooperation Between the Republic of Tatarstan and Oryol Oblast in Cluster Development

17February 2017


Prospects for Cooperation Between the Republic of Tatarstan and Oryol Oblast in Cluster Development

The official delegation of Oryol Oblast Support of Entrepreneurship and representatives of the Kamsky Center of Cluster Development of Small and Medium Businesses of the Republic of Tatarstan visited the ICL Engineering Centre where they were acquainted with the key developments of the Tatarstan company and sized the possibilities of future cooperation.

The meeting of ANO «The Kamsky Center of Cluster Development of Small and Medium Businesses», ANO «Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in Oryol Oblast», NP «GLONASS to REGIONS» with experts from ICL took place in Usady in the premises of the Engineering Centre and the Company’s own Computer Equipment Assembly Plant adjoined to the Centre. Attention was focused on the issues of interaction between the Republic of Tatarstan and Oryol Oblast in the sphere of cluster development and support of Small and Medium Businesses.

During a little excursion, the delegates viewed the production line of the plant and several information stands demonstrating ICL solutions that have already proved effective at enterprises of the Republic.

Among them was Career Portal, an ICL-developed solution for end-to-end assistance in students’ career choice.

«Introduction of the regional Standard for Industrial Growth Staffing in Russia drew close attention to the issue of staff training for high-tech industry branches. Already by now, 21 regions, including the Republic of Tatarstan, have become participants of the program», says Valentina Kulagina, expert of Personnel Solutions, ICL. «At present our company takes an active part in discussion of mechanisms for roadmap implementation. In particular, Career Portal is considered as one of the elements of implementation of the regional standard in the Republic of Tatarstan.»

The expert also said that Career Portal has already been implemented in Innopolis University where it is now in a trial phase and has already been highly appreciated by the top management of the University. Being universal, the solution can be applied either in a single educational institution or in an innovation cluster or in the whole region.

The Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in Oryol Oblast took interest in Career Portal solution. Its representatives did not rule out the possibility of adopting Tatarstan’s best practices in human resources management.

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