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British Petroleum

Oil and Gas

Customer Service and Onsite Support

The customer needed help in coordinating related services, supporting users in Russian and English with
impeccable quality of service and efficient use of resources.


  1. Support BP’s IT infrastructure, coordinate the related services and solve current problems


1. Service Desk. 1st line support encompasses call logging, monitoring of call processing activities
in the system.
2. Onsite support:
  • Performing onsite routine maintenance for server and user hardware;
  • Solving current tasks of computer systems and IT infrastructure recovery;
  • Interacting with suppliers of related IT services (contract maintenance, coordination of
supplies of equipment and services);
  • Organizing and designing IT infrastructure reengineering (when moving to another
location, re-building customer’s offices etc.);
3. Consulting the customer on the implementation of various information technologies and
information security tools.


Within the framework of the project, ICL Services processes more than 300-400 calls per month.
The specialists of the team have a thorough knowledge of IT, which made it possible to delegate
the solution of a significant part of the routine engineering tasks related to the elimination of
typical problems to 1st line support
This, in turn, helped the customer relieve the specialists of the engineering teams of 2nd line
support and focus their efforts on solving problems that are more complex

Provided services

  • Service Desk and Call Center
  • Hardware and Software Support Services

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