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Implementation of Asset Management Solution

Before the asset management system was built, it was hard to evaluate the pool of
assets owned by the company. Heterogeneous reports were created and stored
separately. As a result, they produced a static view of separate facilities, regions and
real estate transactions. This made managerial decision making even more
complicated. In 2001, senior management of Gazprom set a task to incorporate in a
single system all data on real estate assets owned by Gazprom and its subsidiaries.


  1. Consolidation of data on real estate assets owned by the parent company and its subsidiaries in a single system;
  2. Providing data and analytical support for managerial decision making.


Asset management system was built as a number of geographically distributed
databases integrated with central system. In addition to property management
subsystem, other subsystems were also developed including long-term financial
investment management and non-core and inefficient asset management subsystems.
The solution was implemented in subsidiaries in the form of hardware-software
appliances. Over 300 users and system administrators from Gazprom subsidiaries have
successfully completed their training at ICL Solutions Training Center. The system was
implemented in the parent company and 72 subsidiaries by ICL Solutions experts who
also provided system maintenance services. All in all, it has been in production since
2005 up to 2014. The solution also included analytical subsystem titled Consolidated
Register of Corporate Assets intended to be used by senior and middle management.
In 2014, the upgraded asset management system was put into operation.
ICL Solutions is:
  • a co-contractor for development of functional specifications for system upgrade
including functionality enhancement and transition to SAP platform;
  • a co-contractor for development of upgraded system based on SAP platform at
all project phases;
  • a contractor for data migration from the legacy to the upgraded system.


The upgraded asset management system boasts wide functionality required for
performing corporate tasks and is integrated with a variety of related business systems
used in the parent company and its subsidiaries. The total number of system users
amounts to approximately one thousand.


Gazprom PJSC owns a large-scale streamlined business system that provides data
necessary for managerial decision making.
The implemented system is a backbone for efficient property management. Innovation
has a positive impact on property management and consequently makes it possible to
solve such an important strategic task as improving efficiency of property use.
Gas Industry magazine (issue No. 1, 2007)

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Asset Management Solution

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