Executive Directorate of the 27th World University Summer Games

Tourism and Sports

Organizing the Service Desk

In connection with a major sporting event, the customer needed to organize the service desk arranged in a limited timeframe. The purpose was to handle requests from users/guests of the event whose information systems needed supporting services in the course of sports games.


  1. Provide high-quality IT services to the customer to cover an international sports event
  2. Assign a team of specialists to provide 1st line support by receiving requests from users as well as resolving incidents and handling service requests


1. It took a limited time to build a project team to manage a number of requests with high quality.
2. The service management specialists helped the customer avoid a loss of time on these routine tasks.


• The team was built and trained to be able to fully cover 1st line support
• Over a period of preparation and during the sport event, ICL Services’ team handled more than 6,000 calls, registered and handled more than 4,000 requests. 99.1% of calls were received and handled within the target values
• Team specialists had a deep understanding in IT that helped transfer a sufficient number of routine engineering tasks to 1st line support
• This, in turn, helped the customer to unload existing engineering 2nd line support teams and they could then focus on resolving more complex tasks

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