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Scientific Production Association Almaz

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Upgrade of Electronic Document Management System

At the beginning of 2014, Scientific Production Association Almaz (SPA Almaz)
employed Records Management solution based on DocsVision platform that was
deployed in 2010 to automate core business processes. The implemented solution was
used as an electronic archive and a tool to set tasks based on incoming documents and
to perform follow-up control.
To enhance system functionality and to speed up system operation, senior management
of SPA Almaz decided to upgrade to DocsVision 5.3. The system was upgraded under
the initiative to make Electronic Document Management System available to everyone.


  1. Dramatically expand the user group
  2. Take document management to a new advanced level


The system was upgraded with the help of NPO VS, the implementation partner. Within
the framework of the project, a number of business processes were successfully
automated including incoming and outgoing documents management, recording of
internal documents, organizational and administrative documents management and
follow-up control.
Furthermore, due to stringent security requirements and lack of remote access to
customer’s servers, all system upgrade operations were performed only at SPA Almaz
Prior to implementation, the system functionality was thoroughly discussed with the
system’s users. At the meetings devoted to assessment of the existing records
management system, it was decided in close cooperation with the customer’s
representatives which system functions are required in the upgraded version and which
ones can be left out. As a result, the technical design was developed. Thus, the
upgraded Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) was customized to meet
all customer’s requirements.
The implemented solution is based on standard configuration of DocsVision 5.3 with
significant workflow enhancement and customization of document records. A number of
system adjustments were performed by DocsVision developer. EDMS can also be
accessed from remote sites located in Moscow and across Russia.


Following the project implementation, an upgraded DocsVision 5.3 platform was
deployed at the enterprise. In addition, EDMS functionality was significantly enhanced.
Many routine tasks were automated making it possible to dramatically reduce their
runtime and consequently to allocate the increased available time to execution of other


Following the upgrade to DocsVision 5.3, 125 employees of the company, mainly
secretaries and record managers, can now employ new features offered by user-friendly
and agile Electronic Document Management System. EDMS promptly proved its
practical efficiency that’s why the solution is in high demand among the other branch
offices of SPA Almaz. We are receiving requests for access to EDMS from employees of
other departments (procurement, legal, finance, IT department, etc.).

Anatoly Indeykin
IT Director Scientific Production Association Almaz PJSC

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